OMG Mixtape #005 by Oliver Craddock

I've been so super busy lately Ive barely had time to post anything on here, but I've still kept my ears to the ground and put together a new mixtape for #OMG005! I've been really excited by a few of the bands Ive heard coming out of this years SXSW. Particular favourites of mine on this playlist are Palace, Jay Som, & Methyl Ethel. Let me know if you hear anything you think I should be listening to, and in the meantime, enjoy!

If you missed any previous Mixtapes you can find them here.

OMG Mixtape #005 Track-listing:

  1. Von Sell - Ivan (Revisited)
  2. Superbody - Patricia
  3. Estrons - Drop
  4. Palace - Have Faith
  5. Zipper Club - Breath
  6. Jay Som - Baybee
  7. Methyl Ethel - Ubu
  8. Findlay - Waste My Time
  9. Moses Gunn Collective - Shalala
  10. Sugar Candy Mountain - Windows

OMG Mixtape #004 by Oliver Craddock

As promised in last weeks blog, I've managed to get Mixtape #004 finished and online! It's a beautiful day and the mood of this playlist suits that. So I've raced to get it finished on what is likely the last day of summer for the UK. This mixtape got me through a road trip from Southampton last week with a terrible hangover. A few of these Ive been listening to for a while (Eat Fast, Hippo Campus), and finally some new material is out from Wavves. I'd not heard of Naked Giants before but its a beast of a riff to get things started. Till next time!

If you missed any previous Mixtapes you can find them here.


OMG Mixtape #004 Track-listing:

  1. Naked Giants - Ya Ya
  2. Porches - Car
  3. EAT FAST - Byker Drone
  4. Hippo Campus - Way It Goes
  5. Fake Laugh - Great Ideas
  6. Wavves - Daisy
  7. Her's - What Once Was
  8. Bed - Girl
  9. Dorsal Fins - Monday Tuesday
  10. Tiny Little Houses - You Tore Out My Heart

OMG Mixtape #003 by Oliver Craddock

It's been playing on my mind the last few weeks that I'm way behind in updating my blog with new Mixtapes. Things have been a little crazy work wise, but it certainly came to mind when putting together playlist #005 last night that I needed to put this one out there. Made during a time in February when it did nothing but rain, I think quite a lot of these songs reflect that.  A few of these bands are ones Ive been championing for a little while now too, so if you haven't checked any of them out already now is as good a time as any!

If you missed any previous Mixtapes you can find them here. Mixtape 004 will probably drop next week, until then! 

OMG Mixtape #003 Track-listing:

  1. Temples - Strange Or Be Forgotten
  2. Parcels - Hideout
  3. David Bazan - With You
  4. Soft Kill - From This Point on
  5. Shock Machine - Open up the Sky
  6. Roses - Accessory
  7. Misty Coast - Funny World
  8. Grandaddy - Evermore
  9. Soviet Soviet - Fairy Tale
  10. Julia Jacklin - Don't Let The Kids Win

OMG Mixtape #002 by Oliver Craddock

As my last mixtape proved quite popular I thought I'd make another one. Over the last two weeks I've taken a different approach to the music Ive listened to. OMG Mixtape 002 is loosely based around live performances in London. I went to see Get Inuit at The Lexington who not only sold it out, but put on a blistering performance to boot. Deerhoof are a band Ive always liked and they play the Village Underground the day after my birthday. Azusena was at The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch last week too. But we kick things off this time with Lowly, who I can't wait to see play The Victoria in May.

If you missed OMG Mixtape 001 fear not, you can find it here: http://www.oliomg.com/ohmyblog/omg001

Till next time!

OMG Mixtape #002 Track-listing:

  1. Lowly - S.W.I.M.
  2. Weaves - Tick
  3. Deerhoof - Risk Free
  4. Trudy and the Romance - Behave
  5. TOY - Another Dimension
  6. Azusena - Crosby
  7. Sam Cohen - The Garden
  8. WALL - Cuban Cigars
  9. Casey Mecija - The Otherside of Concrete
  10. Get Inuit - Barbiturates

OMG Mixtape #001 by Oliver Craddock

Its January. Its grim. Its basically the longest Monday of the year. So to get me back into the creative flow I put together a few songs that Ive had buzzing round my headphones the last few weeks. OMG #001 is an eclectic mixtape of indie, alternative, electro and some bizarre 'metal meets synth'.

I've been labelled a bit of a "first follower" before now because I love nothing more than discovering new music and sharing it with people who I think might like it. Likewise I love it when somebody sends me something they think I might like too. So if you have anything you think I should be listening to send it my way!

OMG Mixtape #001 Track-listing:

  1. Wall of Death - For A Lover
  2. Be Forest - Glow
  3. TW Walsh - Public Radio
  4. Kevin Morby - I Have Been to the Mountain
  5. Three Trapped Tigers - Silent Earthling
  6. Hazel English - Control
  7. Pepe Deluxe - Go Girl Go
  8. Hoops - I'm Hurting
  9. Bruising - Honey
  10. Slowcoaches - We're so Heavy