OMG Mixtape #003

It's been playing on my mind the last few weeks that I'm way behind in updating my blog with new Mixtapes. Things have been a little crazy work wise, but it certainly came to mind when putting together playlist #005 last night that I needed to put this one out there. Made during a time in February when it did nothing but rain, I think quite a lot of these songs reflect that.  A few of these bands are ones Ive been championing for a little while now too, so if you haven't checked any of them out already now is as good a time as any!

If you missed any previous Mixtapes you can find them here. Mixtape 004 will probably drop next week, until then! 

OMG Mixtape #003 Track-listing:

  1. Temples - Strange Or Be Forgotten
  2. Parcels - Hideout
  3. David Bazan - With You
  4. Soft Kill - From This Point on
  5. Shock Machine - Open up the Sky
  6. Roses - Accessory
  7. Misty Coast - Funny World
  8. Grandaddy - Evermore
  9. Soviet Soviet - Fairy Tale
  10. Julia Jacklin - Don't Let The Kids Win