OMG Mixtape #005

I've been so super busy lately Ive barely had time to post anything on here, but I've still kept my ears to the ground and put together a new mixtape for #OMG005! I've been really excited by a few of the bands Ive heard coming out of this years SXSW. Particular favourites of mine on this playlist are Palace, Jay Som, & Methyl Ethel. Let me know if you hear anything you think I should be listening to, and in the meantime, enjoy!

If you missed any previous Mixtapes you can find them here.

OMG Mixtape #005 Track-listing:

  1. Von Sell - Ivan (Revisited)
  2. Superbody - Patricia
  3. Estrons - Drop
  4. Palace - Have Faith
  5. Zipper Club - Breath
  6. Jay Som - Baybee
  7. Methyl Ethel - Ubu
  8. Findlay - Waste My Time
  9. Moses Gunn Collective - Shalala
  10. Sugar Candy Mountain - Windows