Packaging Design

Makies Gift Packaging

"How do we sell a physical product instore that first has to be designed on an iPAD and then 3D printed?". The answer: a gift card. However; gift cards are small, don't stack up well against bigger products and as a generality aren't all that interesting to the consumer. So we developed what we called the "Gift Cube". Several amendments had to made to the existing logo creating a new design and adding some colour. As the target market was for kids we made the design more playful, taking photographs of various different Makies you could create and added a silhouette to represent the toy you were as yet to design. Rather than an empty box we also added what we nicknamed "the wobbler", a small circle of card on a spring that would hold the gift card you received when you took the box to the checkout. Lastly, a booklet was also included to cross sell all of the other products MakieLab are working on including their forthcoming iPAD game. You can view a more detailed analysis of this project in my Packaging Design Case Study.
Software: Illustrator & Photoshop. 3D visuals created in AutoDesk Maya.

CannyBots Packaging

Cannybots is an intelligent toy robot that you can build and programme yourself. One of my main jobs for CannyBots was to develop a new brand identity and roll it out across various formats. As well as creating the main logotype and selecting the sub fonts for the brand, I created and developed the little robot character. I felt what Cannybots were doing was quite ahead of its time, so I wanted the look to be futuristic, and I included a circuit diagram for use on all background material. This packaging project was developed in collaboration with Freelance Product Designer Chris Catton.
Software: Illustrator. Visuals created in Photoshop.