app UI Design

cannybots Racing app

Cannybots are a small start up based in Cambridge UK who have created an intelligent "Toy Robot" to teach kids programming skills from a young age. I worked on a variety of different aspects for the client including a highly successful Kickstarter campaign which reached its target in a matter of hours. One part of my brief was to redesign several apps they were launching with the product; from text messaging to a racing car controller as seen above. The interesting UX design problem with the controller app was the fact that you aren't viewing the screen whilst racing a physical remote controlled car. As you have difficulty knowing where your thumbs are pressed on the screen whilst not looking at it, I based the app around left and right gestures so it didn't actually matter if you lost the correct starting position. We split the entire screen 50/50 for the racing controls (forward, reverse, left, right), and designed the additional buttons that would only be activated on a single press around the outside. After completing the UI design I also created all of the Animations in After Effects which I exported for use in Xcode.

Software: Photoshop, Illustrator & After Effects.

KIDS Fashion App

App Design for a kids fashion app concept. Choose from a set of templates, swatches and patterns, designs could then be printed and turned into wearable outfits for toys.