OMG Mixtape #004

As promised in last weeks blog, I've managed to get Mixtape #004 finished and online! It's a beautiful day and the mood of this playlist suits that. So I've raced to get it finished on what is likely the last day of summer for the UK. This mixtape got me through a road trip from Southampton last week with a terrible hangover. A few of these Ive been listening to for a while (Eat Fast, Hippo Campus), and finally some new material is out from Wavves. I'd not heard of Naked Giants before but its a beast of a riff to get things started. Till next time!

If you missed any previous Mixtapes you can find them here.


OMG Mixtape #004 Track-listing:

  1. Naked Giants - Ya Ya
  2. Porches - Car
  3. EAT FAST - Byker Drone
  4. Hippo Campus - Way It Goes
  5. Fake Laugh - Great Ideas
  6. Wavves - Daisy
  7. Her's - What Once Was
  8. Bed - Girl
  9. Dorsal Fins - Monday Tuesday
  10. Tiny Little Houses - You Tore Out My Heart